Business law firm specialized in tourist companies.

More than 30 years of dedication to the hotel sector and tourism in general, advising as a lawyers for tourism companies, have given us a quality expertise and knowledge contrasted by our large clientele. This allows us to analyse the problems, cases, investments and strategies linked to the national and international tourism sector in the way that our clients most appreciate, as we know the companies and the sector in depth. It also makes it possible to advise taking the most appropriate decisions in the shortest possible time and in continuous and personal support of the entrepreneur or his internal legal service.

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Corporate area

The services that MONLEX offers in the CORPORATIVE field are:

  • Incorporation of all types of companies, associations and foundations.
  • Formalizing corporate transactions.
  • Capital increases and decreases.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-offs.
  • By-law amendments.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs on intra-corporate aspects.

International investments

The services that MONLEX offers in the INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS field are:

  • Negotiation, formalization and drafting of all types of contracts:
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of companies.
  • Purchase and sale of tourist establishments.
  • Land and urban developments.
  • Lease agreements.
  • Hotel management contracts: management.
  • Franchise agreements.
  • Legal and tax strategy for investments in the tourism sector, backed by the experience of having successfully formalized more than 100 national and international investment projects.
  • We have a department specialized in electronic contracts and e-commerce.

Tax and accounting

The services that MONLEX offers in the TAX AND ACCOUNTING field are:

  • Separation and Restructuring of Business Assets
  • Family Business Taxation and Succession Planning
  • International tax planning and advice to non-residents.
  • Advice on tax audits.
  • Filing of appeals and claims in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Review of local taxes, among others, municipal capital gains tax, IAE and ICIO.
  • Tax and accounting advice to companies in Spain as well as the relations with the country of origin or destination of the investment.
  • Individualized treatment for expatriates in each country.
  • Filing of tax returns (IRPF, IP, IRNR, IS, VAT, IAE, ITP and AJD, ISD, Municipal Capital Gains).
  • Accounting advice, accounting closing.
  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts, presentation and filing of the same with the Mercantile Registry.

Nautical area

The services that MONLEX offers in the NAUTICAL field are:

  • Sale and Purchase of Boats.
  • Incorporation of for-profit maritime companies (Operation of vessels in List 6).
  • Leasing or Chartering.
  • Mooring contract.
  • Lease-purchase agreements
  • Tax Settlement.
  • Recreational qualifications (National and Foreign).
  • Flagging, Registration and Registry (Spain, Canary Islands, Foreign).
  • Navigation Zones.
  • Spanish registration certificate.
  • Certificate of Seaworthiness.
  • Mandatory ITB inspections.
  • Insurance Contracting. Litigation

Aviation law

MONLEX is active in this area providing advice on different aspects of commercial and general aviation such as:

  • Aircraft purchase, sale, lease and maintenance contracts.
  • Aircraft registration and change of ownership.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and authorizations for the aviation sector.
  • TAdministrative formalities before the Aviation Safety State Agency (AESA).
  • Advice on aviation insurance.
  • Air accidents and incidents.

Mediation area

The services that MONLEX offers in the MEDIATION field are:

Civil Law:

  • Breach of contract.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Coexistence and Horizontal Property.
  • Sales and purchases.
  • Leaseholds.
  • Provision of services (suppliers, professionals, freelancers…).
  • Inheritance and succession issues…

Commercial field:

  • Family business; Family protocol.
  • Conflicts between partners, shareholders or owners and administrators.
  • The company and its clients or suppliers.
  • The company and its competitors (Unfair competition).
  • Between the company and its employees, and between employees.


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