Corporate area

In the CORPORATE sphere, MONLEX offers the following services:

  • Formation of all kinds of companies, associations and foundations.
  • Formalization of corporate transactions.
  • Capital Increases and Reductions.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Demergers.
  • Statutory modifications.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Consultancy to business owners on intra-company aspects.
  • Consulting services under insolvency law. Restructuring, refinancing and debt negotiation.

Tax and accounting area

On taxation, MONLEX offers the following services:

  • International tax planning
  • Tax and accounting consulting for companies both in Spain and for relations with the origin or destination country of the investment.
  • Individualized procedures for expats in each country.
  • Filing tax returns.
  • Accounting advice, bookkeeping.
  • Tax audit consulting.

International investments area

On international investments, MONLEX offers the following services:

  • Negotiation, formalization and drafting of all kinds of contracts:
    • Company Purchase Agreements.
    • Tourism establishment purchases.
    • Land and urban development.
    • Lease agreements.
    • Hotel management contracts.
    • Franchise agreements.
  • Legal-tax strategy in investments in the tourism sector, guaranteed by the experience of having successfully executed more than 100 domestic and international investment projects.
  • We have a department specialized in electronic and e-commerce contracts.

Labour area

In the labour sphere, MONLEX offers the following services:

  • Legal consultancy in labour issues for both workers and business owners.
  • Consultancy in downsizing plans.
  • Social Security consultancy.
  • Preventive assistance, recruitment, legal proceedings and conciliation work.
  • Prevention of occupational risks in cooperation with DICONSAL.

Contensious and litigation area

In the procedural area, MONLEX offers the following services:

  • Consultancy, representation and defence of our clients in any kind of legal proceedings followed both in Spain and any of our destination countries, in collaboration with qualified professionals from the country.
  • Follow-up and defence of insurance company records at the national and international level.
  • Assistance in legal proceedings derived from all kinds of bank contracts.
  • Consultancy and defence in all kinds of family, marriage and succession proceedings.

Restructuring and Insolvencies (Bankruptcy)

Comprehensive advice provided by professionals specialized in different areas of law who, in situations of business crisis, collaborate in the determination and enforcement of the appropriate measures in the corporate, financial, labour, real estate, tax and procedural law.

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Refinancing agreements
  • Extrajudicial settlement agreements
  • Acquisitions of companies, assets and debts of companies in bankruptcy.
  • Insolvency proceedings (we carry out the defence of insolvent debtors, both companies and individuals, as well as the defence of creditors).
  • Liability of administrators, directors and executives

Criminal area

For criminal affairs, MONLEX offers consulting in the following aspects:

  • Property crime, fraud, misappropriation.
  • Criminal insolvencies, corporate offences, money laundering.
  • Crimes against safety and health in the workplace.
  • Falsification.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Environmental and urban crimes.
  • Crimes against individuals, privacy and honour.

Administration and construction law area

In MONLEX, we have highly specialized staff offering wide-ranging consultancy regarding the people and the government, in contentious administrative proceedings, particularly in the field of construction law.

Real Estate area

In the real estate department, MONLEX advises its clients in real estate operations, offering the following services:

  • real estate purchasing (private residencies, hotels, etc.).
  • purchasing real estate companies.
  • leases.
  • development and construction contracts.

MONLEX has many years of experience in this sector, performing highly complex and specialized operations, offering advice and lobbying to the clients who have a need for these kinds of operations, placing specially-qualified staff at their service.

Furthermore, given its long-standing experience and clients in the sector, MONLEX creates synergy with its clients, connecting them with one another when necessary to sell and invest in real estate.

Audiovisual and entertainment law area

We provide you with tax advice on audiovisual media and entertainment law.

  • Structuring of tax incentives for national and international audiovisual productions.
  • Assistance in the financing of audiovisual production.
  • Drafting of Legal Opinions and Reports on Audiovisual and Media Law.
  • Musical events: Festivals and concerts.
  • Tax and financial advice for international audiovisual productions.
  • International contracts.

Nautical area

From MONLEX´s nautical department, we can advise you on:

  • Purchase and sale of vessels.
  • Setting up profit-seeking maritime companies (Vessel operation in List 6a).
  • Leasing or Charter.
  • Mooring agreements.
  • Hire-purchase agreements.
  • Tax Liquidation.
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card (National and Foreign).
  • Flag registry, Call Number and Registration Number (Spain, Canary Islands, Overseas).
  • Navigation zones.
  • Spanish registration certificate.
  • Certificate of Seaworthiness.
  • Mandatory Technical Vessel Inspections.
  • Insurance contracts. Litigation.

Immigrationa area

  • Consultation and Expert Advice.
  • Initial applications in the general regime (Attachment, Family Reunification, Initial Residence Permit, Initial Self-Employment).
  • Initial applications in Community Regime for Europeans.
  • Administrative and Legal Remedies.
  • Renewal of residence permits.
  • Spanish nationality procedures.

Aviation law area

MONLEX is active in this area, providing guidance on the different aspects of commercial and general aviation, such as:

  • Aircraft purchase, hire and maintenance agreements.
  • Aircraft registration and change of ownership.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and authorizations in the air transport sector.
  • Administrative Procedures before the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).
  • Consulting in air insurance.
  • Air accidents and incidents.

Mediation area

MONLEX offers the following kinds of mediation:

  • Civil Sector:
    • Breaches of contract.
    • Claims for payment.
    • Cohabitation and Horizontal Property.
    • Purchase-sales.
    • Leases.
    • Service provision (suppliers, professionals, freelancers, etc.).
    • Inheritance and succession affairs.
  • Commercial Sector:
    • Family business; family protocol.
    • Conflict between partners, shareholders, owners and directors.
    • The company and its clients or suppliers.
    • The company and its competitors (unfair competition).
    • Between the company and its employees, and between employees.
  • Family Sector:
    • Separation and divorce proceedings.
    • Custody, parental rights, visitation and child support.
    • Use of the family residence.
    • Maintenance; liquidation of matrimonial property regime.
    • Relationship to grandparents.

Family law area

Specialists in issues regarding Family Law and legal family issues, such as:

  • Family Law.
  • Matrimonial Law.
  • Divorce, separation and annulment. Contentious divorce and mutual agreement.
  • Child custody. Shared custody.
  • Settlement agreement.
  • Common-law marriage.
  • Matrimonial regime.
  • Division of marital property.
  • Child and spouse maintenance payments.
  • Legal disability.
  • Modification of matrimonial agreements.
  • Inheritance and Succession Law.
  • Family Mediation.
  • Use and enjoyment of the family residence.
  • Protection of minors and legally incapacitated people.

New technologies law

  • Escrow or source code deposit agreements.
  • Legal consultancy in outsourcing.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Technological labour law.
  • Consultancy in LOPD (Organic Law on Personal Data Protection).
  • Technological litigation and arbitration.
  • Business consulting to start-ups.
  • E-commerce


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