Tax and accounting

The tax area is made up of a team of economists and lawyers with extensive professional experience in tax, corporate, legal and accounting matters that allows us to offer a quality service to our clients. Our tax advisory services offer individuals, medium and large companies a wide variety of services focused on optimizing the tax burden in compliance with current regulations.

Separation and Restructuring of Business Assets

The tax department in recent years has had the opportunity to mediate in operations of separation of partners of both medium and large companies with satisfactory results. The work carried out by the team consists of studying the best alternatives for the separation and restructuring of a company’s assets and mediating between the parties to obtain the best agreements. A complete advice is provided that goes from the study of the different alternatives to the drafting of contracts, signing of deeds and the liquidation of the corresponding taxes.

Family Business Taxation and Estate Planning

The tax department provides advice on family business planning in order to benefit from the existing bonuses in the different taxes as well as the study of optimization in the generational transfer of family businesses.

We provide advice on wills, studying the different alternatives that exist in Mallorca to transfer assets to heirs (inheritance versus donation).

International Taxation and Non-Residents

The tax department advises Mallorcan companies in their international expansion by helping them plan their international investments.

The tax department advises non-resident individuals with interests in Spain in the constitution of companies as well as in the acquisition of real estate.

Tax Procedures

The tax team has experience in assisting with tax inspections and management procedures.

Presentation of appeals and claims to the Council, Balearic Islands Agency and AEAT in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.


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