Civil liabilities and insurance department

MONLEX has a department specialized in Civil Liabilities.

The purpose of the Department is to manage the claims and lawsuits of third parties for facts attributable to the insured company, in the national territory or in any country where its activity may be located, as well as in any other country that may be incorporated afterwards into the insurance program of the company itself, which could lead to possible liability for the insured parties, including the country where the claimant files the claim.

Our Department offers clients comprehensive legal advice on Civil Responsibility and Insurance. Our professionals cover all branches of insurance, offering complete assistance regardless of the type of coverage or problem that arises. Here are different examples:

  • Claims Management
  • Great Riscs and Special Accidents
  • Home
  • Industrial
  • Building Works or Infrastructures
  • Road Accidents
  • Transport Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Civil Responsibility in Environmental
  • Professional liability
  • Product Liability
  • Bonding insurance


In accordance to an increasingly global market we have our own network of collaborating legal firms, based in more than 24 countries. A fully qualified person coordinates the members of the team through several international offices and guaranties and expedites the rendering of service to the client in case we must proceed to bring lawsuits at Court in the country of origin.

All in all, it is absolutely essential to know how to handle claims correctly. To this end, knowledge of both national and international legislation on the provision of services in the business sector, civil liability, risk management and insurance, etc. is essential, adding as a value the ability to address the counterpart in their own language (English, French, German, Russian and others), thus avoiding linguistic obstacles.

National coverage

We increase territorial coverage: at national level, with the network of Hispajuris delegations in all the Spanish Autonomous Communities, able to provide a proximity service with experienced local lawyers in all major cities, always guaranteeing an uniform level of quality of service. We offer immediate and competent service through the largest network of legal advice offices in Spain.

Centralized Service Coordination: the client has a single interlocutor, who acts as a legal account manager, so that every client can closely follow the issues entrusted in different cities in a swift and efficient way.

We act in all law jurisdictions: civil, labour, criminal or contentious-administrative at all type of Courts and all kinds of instances.

Our lawyer’s office has specialised attorneys who cover all branches and fields of insurance and civil liabilities, have extensive experience in the different areas of judicial and extrajudicial claims of all kinds and, of course, in those arising from general liability in representing the interests of the clients.

Claims under franchise or not covered by the insurance policy

In addition, we offer Legal Services for Claims Management of incidents and Civil Liability claims whose amounts do not exceed the amount established as a franchise in the Insurance Program or are not covered by the insurance policy. In addition, MONLEX also offers to supply the client with all the help he may need for any claims of uncertain delimitation, as well as full support in the resolution. Likewise, MONLEX helps in the organization and management of the Customer Service Department, as well as resolving general issues related to Customer complaints.

And if the cost of the claim exceeds the franchise amount…

If the amount of the incident cost is under coverage of the Civil Liability Police but it exceeds the total amount of the established franchise, the insurance company will ask for MONLEX Legal Cabinet help in order to coordinate and manage all juridical sides of the incident, looking for the best and fairest indemnities and compensations as well for the affected as for the policyholder. In all cases, the Insurance Company, as well as its Agent, have to be kept duly informed.


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