New technologies

We help our clients enjoy the benefits of new technologies while mitigating their related risks. Our areas of activity address the Organizational, Legal and Technological Risks by using our services.

Tools at your service

For our clients to have the peace of mind offered by a team of professionals looking out for their best interests, we closely monitor their cases, using different tools that we place at their services.

  • Follow-up and maintenance of our services (new laws and legislative changes, new technologies, improvements, etc.)
  • Outsourcing the Safety Officer position
  • External and internal audits
  • Drafting and monitoring of Service Level Agreements
  • Preventive maintenance of website, network and system security

Benefits of Global Management

One of our main goals with our services is to convert the risks that this new business technology reality brings into benefits, or minimize them so that the company can be fully aware of them and control them. Furthermore, this kind of management brings the following benefits to the organizations:

  • Aligning the information security with business objectives.
  • Increasing competitiveness and access to new markets.
  • Moving from a reactive state to a preventive one, before incidents and threats occur.
  • Ongoing improvement cycle.
  • Setting up communication channels between the company’s major departments.
  • Increasing and consolidating the trust of clients and interested parties.

Technology for service management

Data management in the Cloud
Whenever the project requires it, the client can access the Binaura Intranet where they can see how their project is going.

Documentation management
The client will have access to all the documents created during the project’s development, while monitoring the flow of the creation, online correction and approval.

BinauraMONLEX Monitoring
Because we know that sometimes incidents happen, we offer continuous monitoring to resolve any obstacle that could come up during your project.

Project schedule
The client can view appointments and milestones for the project’s development. Training days, consultant visits, warnings for checking pending tasks and warnings for documents that need approval.

Meetings can be held online, saving time and cutting transport costs.

Communication with BinauraMONLEX 
The client can contact and instantly chat with the consultants assigned to their project, regardless of where they are.


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